Tourney of Terror

Check back soon for 2022 Tournament details!

All tournament inquiries can be directed to the Tournament Director, Dean Borrelli at or 603-556-3019.


Tournament Rules

USA with the following modifications:

  • Mercy rules: 15, 12, and 10 after 3, 4, and 5 innings.
  • Drop dead time at after 80 minutes. If home team is ahead, score is final. If home team did not get final ups, score reverts back to previous completed inning  
  • Time limit procedure: once the last out is made in an inning, the new inning starts at that time.
  • Double coin flip before each game.
  • Continuous batting order in pool play IS a USA rule and is available to any team choosing to use it.
Seeding Criteria

1.  Pool play record

2.  Head-to-Head

3.  Fewest runs allowed

4.  Run differential